Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Westie Fest 2019 Pro Staff

Lannie Sullivan and Jesse Dickson (USA)

Jesse Dickson and Lannie Sullivan

Jesse Dickson discovered jitterbug dancing at the age of seventeen. Over the following years his enthusiasm for dancing lead him to study lindy hop, west coast swing, and salsa. It didn’t take long for Jesse to become a well rounded, successful competitive dancer and instructor. It was while competing as an All Star/Champion swing dancer that he switched to ballroom to find a partner

Lannie Sullivan found dance at the age of seven when she was selected at an open audition for the touring Moscow Ballet.  Quickly she fell in love with the discipline and perfectionism of classical dance. She spent most of her youth traveling in pursuit of dance education and began focusing on ballroom in her high school years. 


In 2012 she met Jesse Dickson. Together they became American Rhythm Rising Star Champions and national finalists after winning their first competition in 2013.  During this time Jesse shared his first love, west coast swing, with Lannie.  It didn’t take long for her to fall in love, too.

In 2016 they debuted their first Classic routine (Goodbye My Lover) at The Open. They finished in 8th place. After a year of traveling and competing their routine they returned to The Open with their sophomore routine (Worry) finishing in 3rd place.  Most recently their 2018 routine (In the Wee Hours) placed 5th.


Jesse and Lannie are grateful for all the opportunities they’ve had both in their home country and abroad to share their love of dancing with so many different people - and they look forward to creating more art with the swing community in the years to come.


Coleen Man and Paul Warden (UK)

Coleen Man and Paul Warden

Paul Warden started line dancing in his teens. After a few years Paul got acquainted with West Coast Swing, an introduction that changed his life profoundly. He is one of the first non-American dancers who competed and placed in the illustrious champion division. Paul is known for his elegant style, versatility and ability to interpret music all the while maintaining a deep connection with his partner. He is one of the most active social dancers among the wcs pros.

Coleen Man is now one of the top ranked West Coast Swing Dancers in UK and Europe. After quickly rising up the ranks she is now competing in WSDC All Star Division. After finding West Coast Swing in 2010 she has since been competing all over the world and started teaching and judging internationally within the last 4 years.

Irina Puzanova and Andrew Navolotsky (Russia)

Irina Puzanova and Andrew Navolotsky

Irina is a firecracker of a woman. Phenomenon if you will. Because what can you really say about this force of nature? Irina is a passionate and versatile dance teacher running her own dance school.


Dancing since she was 7, Irina was doing Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Jazz, Hustle, Discofox, Salsa, Bachata, WCS, and pretty much any social dance. She began taking a serious interest in West Coast Swing in 2010, learned from the best and has been a very successful competitor. She is the first dancer in Russia to reach the All-Star division and the first one to have Champion points. She has won the Advanced Jack & Jill at the US Open 2012, the first European All Star division at Midland Swing Open,  the All-Star Jack & Jill at French Open 2014, BudaFest 2015, Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam 2015, first European Invitational J’n’J at UK Champs 2016, US Open 2016 in Strictly Swing, first All Star European Championship 2017, Strictly Open Budafest 2018.

When teaching she’s demanding and encouraging just in the right proportion.

Nowadays Irina travels all around the world from Asia to US dancing, teaching and competing in 14 coutnries, more than 30 cities.  But most of all Irina is a social dancer. You can find her from the dancefloor all night long!

Andrew and Irina are teaching together for about 3 years. Sometime ago Andrew was a Ira’s student, but nowadays they teach and travel together in Russia and Europe.