Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Westie Fest 2017 Pro Staff

Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco, Brazil

Diego and Jessica has been spreading West Coast Swing in Brazil and around the world since 2009, when they began to put all its charm to its first steps in the WCS. As a couple they have won multiple titles in Strictly Swing, Jack & Jill and, Showcase and they currently hold 2nd place at the 2015 and 2016 US Open Swing and 1st place at the 2016 MadJam and 2016 Chicago Classic over the Showcase category.

In 2011 Diego was nominated for the award for best foreign WCS Dancer (USA) and joined the team of choreographers and teachers on "Dance with Stars – Brazilian version", in the Domingão Faustão program.

Diego and Jessica have also been putting a lot of effort into developing and spreading ZOUK. Since 2014, the couple have been promoting The Brazilian Open Championships and are the creators of the West Coast Swing Day free event with the goal to spread WCS in Brazil and worldwide.

Irina Puzanova & Andrey Navolozky, Russia

Irina is a firecracker of a woman. She is a passionate and versatile dance teacher running her own dance school.

Dancing since she was 7, Irina was doing Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Jazz, Hustle, Discofox, Salsa, Bachata, WCS, and pretty much any social dance. She began taking a serious interest in West Coast Swing in 2010, learned from the best and has been a very successful competitor. She is the first dancer in Russia to reach the All-Star division and the first one to have Champion points. She has won the Advanced Jack & Jill at the US Open 2012, the first European All Star division at Midland Swing Open, the All-Star Jack & Jill at French Open 2014, BudaFest 2015, Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam 2015, first European Invitational J’n’J at UK Champs 2016, US Open 2016 in Strictly Swing, first All Star European Championship 2017.

Andrey and Irina are teaching together for about 3 years. Sometime ago Andrey was a Ira’s student, but nowadays they teach and travel together in Russia and Europe. They plan to make a new routine. And who knows, maybe we’ll see it at WestieFest 2017!

Paul Warden, Great Britain

Paul found dance later in his life than most, not actually taking a formal dance class until he was well into his teen. Unlike most people this small fact would installed of a sense of limitation but to Paul it was just an excuse to give him even more focus.
With the a few years Paul was introduced to West coast swing. An introduction that would change his life profoundly.

Paul took to WCS very naturally and had soon out grown the depth of his teachers understanding in the UK and Europe. Paul began a very successful competition campaign amalgamating in becoming one of the first non-American dances to compete and place in the illustrious Champions division. His Elegant style, liquid transition an ability to interpret music something while maintaining a deep connection with his partner is something special.
Paul stands out as one of the most noticeable dancers International on the social dance floor. His experience in teaching west coast swing at all levels for well over a decade makes his classes a must for any budding WCS dancer looking to progress at any level.

Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova, Russia

Maria has been dancing since 2007. In 2008 she fell in love with social partner dances. She started learning hustle/discofox and salsa. She had been dancing hustle and discofox for 4 years, working on her solo choreography as well when West Coast Swing came in to her dancing life. After that she couldn't stop dancing WCS. She enjoys the versatility of the dance, bringing new emotions, options for musicality and styling to every dance.

Semion has been dancing since the age of 8. He became an Intermediate-level dancer of WCS very fast. He won every Intermediate Level competition that he entered, becoming at that time, Russia’s 3rd Advanced level leader. Since moving to all-stars division, he’s continued to have competition success. His latest achievements are taking first place in the Open Strictly at the US Open 2016. He is known for his musicality and great connection with his partners.

Together Maria and Semion won the Open Strictly division at Budafest in both 2014 and 2015, the Open Strictly division at The After Party (San Diego, USA). They became the first russian couple who made finals at US Open Classic division!

Piotr “Badman” Lenart & Marta Nita, Poland

Marta Nita and Piotr „Badman” Lenart got into the international WCS world in 2012 and instantly fell in love not only with the dance, but also with the community. Since that time they’ve attended over 70 events. They keep attending various levels workshops to keep up with the new WCS trends. Working with different instructors through private classes, workshops and intensives, they are constantly developing technically and stylistically. They are not only active community members, but also certified WCS instructors. Currently they successfully teach in their home country as well as abroad. Their life goal is simple: spread the WCS love.

Marta and Piotr are known in Poland as “Sezon na Westa” (Westie Season), organizing regular classes, weekly practices and regular workshops with local and international teachers in Warsaw. In addition, they run Projekt West page on facebook to support community in Poland and are known to have introduced mad dogs shots to the WCS world.