Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia


We will have 2 levels of West Coast Swing workshops.

Level N (Newcomer) is for all participants who started dancing West Coast Swing not so long ago.

Level O (Open) for experienced West Coast Swing dancers.

The participant's pass already included 5 workshops of desired level. Newcomer level workshops adapted for dancers with a small dancing experience. Open level workshops will be specially designed to match interests of the widest possible range of dancers. Subjects of some classes and bonus workshops will be announced in advance – stay tuned!

Our amazing pros

Workshops subjects

Brad Whelan: The Attitude of Winning

Open Level O His main area of focus in teaching is on competition, and competition mentality, where he teaches his workshop called “The Attitude of Winning,” a strategy session on improving competition results not just through better technique, but through better connection, awareness, and understanding of what makes winning possible.

Daric Lion and Anastasia Lokshina: Musicality

Newcomer Level N After more then 10 years of teaching we have build and put together this lessons which works perfectly for beginners in musicality. We are using 3 guidelines in order for beginners to be able to achieve the goal of dancing with music and not only in the rhythm. The three guidelines:

  1. Is about ID of music: what and how to listen to and anticipate
  2. The tools what we will use as dancers in order to interpret what we hear
  3. How to effectively build partnership between music, follower and leader

Hip-hop bonus

During the Westie Fest NIQUAN will hold hip-hop workshops. He is excited to teach the basic movements, musicality, and improvisation basics. This is his first time in Moscow!