Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Westie Fest 2015 Schedule

Friday, November 13

16:30 Transfer
17:30 Transfer
16:00–19:30 Event check-in
19:00–20:00 Dinner
20:00–20:45 Competitions check-in
Open Dancing
21:00 Novice Strictly Swing, Prelims
21:30 Open Strictly Swing, Prelims
22:00 Novice Strictly Swing, Finals
22:20 Open Strictly Swing, Finals
23:00–… Dancing till dawn!

Saturday, November 14

Rome (main ballroom) Barcelona Rio Staff Room
9:00 Transfer
9:00–10:00 Event check-in
10:00–11:00 O BW O CB N LE+FH
11:15–12:15 O LE+FH O IP N StW+SW CB
Teachers' workshop
12:15–13:15 Floor tryouts CB
Teachers' workshop
12:00–14:00 Lunch
13:30–14:30 Bonus workshop (all levels)! Hip-hop
14:45–15:45 O IP O StW+SW N BW
15:45–16:30 Competitions check-in
Open Dancing
16:30 Novice Jack n' Jill, Prelims
17:30 Newcomer Jack n' Jill, Prelims
18:00 Sophisticated Jack n' Jill, Prelims
18:30 Novice Jack n' Jill, Semis
19:00–20:00 Dinner
Floor tryouts
20:00–21:00 Competitions check-in
Open Dancing
21:00 Newcomer Jack n' Jill, Finals
21:20 Sophisticated Jack n' Jill, Finals
21:40 Intermediate Jack n' Jill, Prelims
22:30–23:30 Rising Star Routines
00:00–… Teachers' Show!
Dancing till dawn!

Sunday, November 15

Rome (main ballroom) Barcelona Rio
10:00–11:00 O StW+SW O IP N DL+AL
11:15–12:15 O BW O LE+FH N DL+AL
12:15–13:00 Bonus workshop (all levels)! Hip-hop
12:00–14:00 Lunch
13:00–14:00 Competitions check-in
Open Dancing
14:00 Novice Jack n' Jill, Finals
14:20 Intermediate Jack n' Jill, Finals
15:00 Advanced, All Star Jack n' Jill, Finals
16:00–17:00 Open Dancing
17:00 Awards
18:00 Transfer

Workshops and teachers

CBChuck Brown
StWStephen White
SWSonya White
LELee Easton
FHFabienne Henshall
IPIrina Puzanova
BWBrad Whelan
DLDaric Lion
ALAnastasia Lokshina

NNewcomer level workshops
OOpen level workshops

The schedule is subject to change.