Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Registration and payment

A prior registration for workshops and competitions is required. Please fill in the registration form below on this page, giving your e-mail and the password from your account on the registration service. If you do not have an account on it will be set up automatically during the registration process.

After the registration you will be able to pay for your participation and will receive a letter with the confirmation of your registration and a link to your profile. In your profile you can, if necessary, add or change competitive divisions and receive detailed information concerning your registration for the Fest and the status of your payment. After the end of the Fest, your profile will feature detailed information about your results.

Standard Pass
Open level workshops, option to enter the competitions, bonus workshops, late night dancing.
EUR 80 before Aug 16, 2015
EUR 80 before Sept 19, 2015
EUR 90 after Sept 19, 2015
RUB 6,500 on spot

For all participants who started dancing West Coast Swing not so long ago. Includes Newcomer level workshops and option to compete in Newcomer Jack n' Jill.

Newcomer Pass
Newcomer level workshops, option to enter the competitions, bonus workshops, late night dancing.
EUR 60 before Aug 16, 2015
EUR 65 before Sept 19, 2015
EUR 70 after Sept 19, 2015
RUB 5,200 on spot

  Special price  
50 % on Standard Pass for Advanced level dancers
Free Pass for All Star level dancers!


Jack n' Jill EUR 10 per person
RUB 600 on spot
Strictly Swing EUR 15 per couple
RUB 1000 on spot
Rising Star Routines EUR 20 per couple
RUB 1200 on spot
Cabaret EUR 20 per couple
RUB 1200 on spot
1 USD = approx. 57 Russian Rubles (RUB),
1 EUR = approx. 62 Russian Rubles.
Check for actual currency exchange rates.

Refunds for participation

Before Sep 19 — 100%.
Before Oct 19 — 50%.
After Oct 19 — not refundable.

 Registration for single followers is temporary closed. 

Ladies, you need to register  as a couple:  please specify the name of your partner in a comment on the registration form below.

Please fill-in the registration form