Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Westie Fest 2014 Pro Staff

Chuck Brown, USA

Chuck Brown is a current Champion level competitor with over 18 years of experience. He is recognized as a top international instructor, NASDE Circuit and US Open judge, DJ, event promoter and dance business consultant. Chuck has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships several times and making the Champions Division J&J finals at SwingDiego.

Chuck is known for his musicality, creativity, versatility, and especially, his amazing lead on the dance floor. It has been said by many of the top pros, that Chuck is one of the best social dancers in all of West Coast Swing. His dance training includes West Coast Swing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Blues, Carolina Shag, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Bachata, House, Country and African.

Chuck’s teaching methods have produced some of the fastest moving and successful competitors and dancers in the Unites States as well as Internationally. He has taught all over the globe, including Australia, Sweden, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, the USA and many more. He is an incredibly passionate and tough teacher who cares deeply about his student’s dance goals as well as their friendship; it’s evident in his workshops and private lessons.

He is the owner and event director for the San Francisco Dance Sensation, The After Party, and Hawaii Dance Sensation. He also consults many other events such as the French Open, Bavarian Open, Rock the Barn, and the Asian WCS Open. He is currently based between Bend, Oregon and Singapore.

Kris Swearingen and Rebecca Ludwick, USA

Kris and Rebecca began dancing together in the winter of 2011, debuting their first routine at The Chicago Classic. Since then they have placed top 5 in the Classic division at numerous NASDE (National Association of Swing Dance Events) events along with a number of Jack n’ Jill and Strictly titles. Rebecca combines her decades of ballet experience with Kris’s hip hop inspired movement to create a style of West Coast Swing that has been described as “a beautiful combination of power and grace”. When instructing they unite Kris’s years of experience as a school teacher and Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of dance to produce an atmosphere that is both extremely educational and thoroughly enjoyable. While understanding that people learn to dance for many different reasons, they ultimately strive to inspire dancers to have fun on the floor.

Kris has had a passion for performing since a young age. When he was 14 he started acting at the Kansas City Renaissance festival where his passion for fantasy and imagination blossomed. He became active in his high school theater department and had a roll in a number of its productions. During his senior year he received a role in the production of West Side Story where the play’s choreographer invited the cast to his ballroom studio’s weekly East Coast Swing night. Kris was immediately hooked. Soon after some friends introduced him to West Coast Swing and after he attended his first West Coast event in March of 2007 he fell in love and has never looked back.

Kris received a teaching degree from Emporia State University for teaching High School and Middle School English. Kris uses his expertise in the world of education and his extensive training from the world’s greatest West Coast Swing minds to give his dance students and incredibly fulfilling experience.

Rebecca Ludwick started dancing at the age of two, training formally in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. She has taught and performed professionally for the last ten years with the Washington National Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera and most recently with the Kanye West tour.  A student introduced her to West Coast Swing and she fell in love with the dance. Rebecca has pursued WCS with a passion and zeal to be the best she can be and now competes in the Champion/All Star division in the US with her Classic partner. 

Teaching and competing across the country Rebecca has won and placed in many top Events. She enjoys sharing her passion with others and teaching what she has learned through out the years.

Awards (2014):
– America’s Classic, 2nd Place Classic Division
– MADJam, 5th Place Classic Division
– Chicago Classic, 2nd Place Classic Division
– Swing Dance America, Classic Division Champions
– USA Grand Nationals, 2nd Place Classic Division

Brennar Goree, USA

Brennar, from Virginia Beach, VA started dancing Carolina Shag at the age of 8. From that point on Brennar had the bug. He has been competing in Shag since the age of 9 and has won numerous titles including National Shag Dance Championships Junior Overall in 2004, 2007, and 2008, Grand Nationals Junior I champion in 2004 and Junior II champion for 2005–2008 with his previous partner Autumn Jones. He was a member of the award winning competition team, the National Shag Dance Team from 2004 through 2008. Brennar also won the team division at the US Open in 2008 with his Shag team, Southern Fried with Junior Pride, that he co-choreographed and coached.

Brennar and Crystal Auclair decided to collaborate their passion for dancing in March of 2013, after many years of friendship.  They have already had success, taking Showcase titles nationally, and just competed their first US Open Showcase together as partners. They are excited to be travelling the U.S. and internationally competing and teaching together, and can’t wait to share their passion for dance!

Crystal Auclair, USA

Crystal Auclair started as a gymnast in her early days, and not until she met Matt at 15 did she start doing swing.  Crystal was a natural and picked up quickly, and was soon teaching with Matt.  She formed her early partnerships and started competing and quickly flew through the ranks of West Coast.  She competed at the US Open with Matt in 2002, just 2 years after beginning to dance Swing. Since then, she and Matt have continued to teach and compete throughout the country, and also internationally.

 They married in 2005, and in 2007, brought a little girl name Lilyjana into the world, whom is also starting to take the Swing community by storm.  You can find Lilyjana at most events with them, making friends and doing her own version of dancing anywhere she can hear music. Together, Matt and Crystal are heading up the SWANK YOUth program and will be the cornerstone in keeping West Coast Swing and promoting the SWANKlife to youth across the country.  They believe that keeping the young involved so that this community lives on.  

Additionally, Crystal is also involved in studying and performing in the Burlesque arena as of late. Surely, Crystal will be injecting a womanly, sensual expression that empowers women as dancers into what she will be doing with SWANK.