Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Westie Fest 2013 Pro Staff

Robert Cordoba, USA

A powerful showman on the swing dance circuit, Robert Cordoba is an inventive, professional swing dancer and instructor. A 7-time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion as well as a Swing Dance Hall Of Famer. Robert is a veteran dance competitor, first appearing on the swing dance circuit in 1990.

Robert capitalizes on over 30 years of training and performing in Ballroom and Latin. Robert continually averages about 40 weekends a year traveling both nationally and internationally to spread West Coast Swing.

Malia San Nicolas, USA

Malia began her passion for the stage and dance at the age of two where she started her formal training in classical ballet. She performed the lead roles in The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and Cinderella. She also began studying tap, jazz, contemporary and has a background in gymnastics.

After eleven years of the classical arts, she entered the scene of partner dancing to further her experience in other genres of dance. She began competing with a three-time Grand World Champion country dance troop in 1993. During her travels with the team, she was introduced to West Coast Swing and quickly fell in love with the versatility and style of this dance. She began competing in the Showcase division on the swing circuit while simulteneously competing with her team on the country circuit. She is also versed in American Ballroom and Latin.

Malia began teaching full time in 2008 and now specializes mainly in West Coast Swing, competing, teaching and judging nationally and internationally at numerous events at the Champion level. In 2010 she got back on the routine competition floor competing in the Classic division. Although she has a sassy and infectious personality, she is known for her smooth quality of movement and elegant look on the floor.

Nick King, USA

Nicholas King started his love of dance at Chico State University. After being involved in Hip Hop and Steppin, he found himself in Ballroom , where he was introduced to West Coast Swing and other various styles of dance. His first competition at Boogie by the Bay in 2003 reaffirmed that his love of dance would soon become his passion.

Nicholas quickly rose through the ranks in West Coast Swing and has also competed in both Classic and Showcase. He enjoys teaching and dancing both domestically and internationally. He will be making his first ever Moscow trip this fall and couldn't be more excited to share his love of dance.

Nicholas has a reputation of being one of the most enjoyable people to watch and dance with on a social floor. He always seems to make time to dance with everyone, and his love of dance truly shows through his smile and musicality on the floor.

Matt and Crystal Auclair, USA

Сrystal and Matt have over 35 years of teaching, competing and judging West Coast Swing. Matt and Crystal Auclair have won numerous national titles from prestigious West Coast Swing Events held across the country. Matt and Crystal Auclair have started to expand their dance business to international countries as well.

Matt and Crystal Auclair reside in St. Louis, Missouri, where they have grown the dance community exponentially since the early 90's.

Ryan Crutcher, USA

Ryan Crutcher began his dance training and what would become his career at the age of 12, laying a foundation in the world of ballet and modern dance. His solo dance education furthered at a performing arts high school in Los Angeles, where he studied ballet, modern, hip-hop and jazz.

Once introduced to the world of partner dancing, particularly Swing, he began to feel his passion truly come into focus. Ryan won 1st place at the US Open Swing Dance Championships 2001 - Young Adult, followed by 2nd in the World Country Championships 2002 - Juniors. Continuously seeking growth in his dance knowledge, Ryan has studied, performed, and taught a variety of partner dances such as West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and Country. Performing live, teaching, and choreographing, have always been thrilling and a passion for Ryan.

Constantly on the lookout for new challenges, Ryan has dedicated himself to becoming a diverse and innovative dancer and choreographer. His love of dance drives his desire to hone his skills as he works to become one of the top instructors and performers in the world.