Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Divisions and Rules

1. West Coast Swing Jack n’ Jill (WSDC Points): Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced / All-Stars 2. West Coast Swing Strictly: Newcomer/Novice and Open 3. Rising Star Routines 4. ProAm
5. Knockout Tour Superfinal

West Coast Swing Jack n’ Jill (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate)

This division demonstrates social part of West Coast Swing, ability to lead and follow, improvise, dance with different partners to different music. Leaders and followers register separately.

In preliminary rounds participants dance in heats, couples are formed randomly, leaders and followers are judges separately. In final couples are formed by draw and dance spotlight or jam. There might be also allskate in the end. In final judges estimate dance of the couple.

Each participant may compete in Jack n’ Jill division in one category: Newcomer, Novice and Intermediate.

Newcomer Jack n’ Jill

Dancers with less than a year of experience and/or competing for the first time are welcome to participate in this category, as well as dancers with no Novice (or higher) points.

Novice Jack n’ Jill

This category is open for participants with no WSDC points, and for those who have under 15 points in Novice division.

Intermediate Jack n’ Jill

Dancers with 15 or more points in Novice, and less than 30 Intermediate points.

Advanced / All-Stars Jack n’ Jill

Dancers with 30 or more points in Intermediate or with points in higher divisions.

WSDC Points Registry

The World Swing Dance Council Points Registry is used to determine eligibility for the West Coast Swing Jack n' Jill divisions.

WSDC points will be awarded as follows:

Tier (number of competitors) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Additional
Tier 1 (5–15) 5 4 3 2 1
Tier 2 (16–39) 10 8 6 4 2 6th…10th — 1pt
Tier 3 (40 and more) 15 12 10 8 6 1pt to all Finalists

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West Coast Swing Strictly

This division is designed to highlight social West Coast Swing dancing skill. Pre-Choreographed routines are not allowed. Costumes are not allowed. However, matching or complementary outfits suitable for social dancing are acceptable. Music will be randomly selected by the Deejay. It will not be previewed in advance for competitors. Preliminary rounds will be heated. The Final round format will be determined by the Head Judge.

Moves such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves are not allowed. Support moves, such as drops, slides, and splits are allowed (but not required) to the degree that they would be considered safe and appropriate on a social dance floor. Recognizable West Coast Swing content must be present throughout the performance.

Competitors may compete in one level of Strictly WCS, either Open Level or Newcomer/Novice.

Newcomer/Novice Strictly

Category is open for participants with no WSDC points; or for dancers with less than 15 points in Novice.

Open Strictly

Category is open for all dancers.

Rising Star Routines

Competitors in this division select their own music and have choreographed routines. Dance Costumes are required. Performance time is a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes. Timing starts with movement with or without music.

  1. Rising Star guidelines for expected swing content are 75%. It is at the judges’ discretion to determine that the swing content requirement has been met.
  2. Participants select their own music, which should be given by them to the Deejay prior to their performance.
  3. Lifts and aerials are allowed, but not required.
  4. Separate entrances are permitted but the couple must physically join together within 32 beats of music.
  5. Couples must maintain physical contact except for spins, turns, short break-a-ways, and recoveries.
  6. Order of performances is determined by draw.

General Rules

Westie Fest is open for all West Coast Swing dancers; and in order to provide the best possible experience to all participants we kindly request that they abide by the following general rules:

  1. All competitors are required to purchase a Full, Weekend or Contest Pass and register in advance.
  2. Clothing and costumes should be in good taste, suitable for dancing, and flattering in all divisions. Costumes are required for the Rising Star division. In Strictly and Jack n' Jill divisions costumes are NOT allowed, but matching dance clothing for Strictly is encouraged.
  3. Dancers are not allowed to compete in Rising Star Routines division and Strictly division in the same couple.
  4. All Competitors must demonstrate courteous and professional behavior at all times, both on and off the competition floor.
  5. Lifts and aerials are not allowed in Jack n’ Jill and Strictly divisions. Dancers must maintain their own physical contact with the floor during partner weight support moves.
  6. All questionable situations should be addressed to the chief judge.
  7. Judging at this event will be done in closed format (scores will not be displayed).
  8. Technical (interim) results will available for competitors after the competition.