Moscow Westie Fest 2017

West Coast Swing Fest: November 3 – 5, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Westie Fest 2012 Pro Staff

Mary Ann Nuñez

Two Time winner of the US OPEN Swing Dance Championships in the Showcase Division. Inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, World Swing Dance Hall of Fame and Legends of Swing. Three Time Feather Award and Three Time Dancers Choice Award winner. Has placed first in many Champion Level Jack n' Jill WC Swing competitions nationwide and has accumulated one of the highest female Jack n' Jill contestant points in the World Swing Dance Councils Competitors Registry.

Teaches Workshops Nationally & Internationally. Is a certified Golden State Dance Teachers Association Instructor.

Mary Ann and Benji — 1st place SwingDiego 2010

Luis Crespo

Luís Crespo is a competitive U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion in the West Coast Swing Community, and can be found teaching at various private dance studios, guest appearing at many workshops nationally and internationally, and on staff (as an instructor and judge) at numerous WSDC and NASDE sanctioned dance conventions. He also instructs and competes with a diverse, growing group of ProAm students of all levels around the nation helping them achieve their own personal goals with their dancing styles and accomplishments. He is originally from New York City (born and raised) and currently resides and teaches weekly group classes in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area).

Luís began his journey in dance when he first learned traditional Ballroom and Latin working at the Fred Astaire Franchise in upper Manhattan in New York City. Shortly after he fell in love with Argentine Tango, he was introduced to West Coast Swing. It was through West Coast Swing, he discovered a true understanding for musicality and connection between partners in dancing.

After going to an actual West Coast Swing dance, I realized that the people who were dancing it really well, actually were “dancing” to the music and not dancing through “patterns” as much. This was what attracted me the most to the dance, the fact that you are actually able to “dance” as opposed to just move through patterns. Don't get me wrong, though, I still love and continue to dance the Waltz and Foxtrot, as well as Salsa, Cha-Cha, etc. I just feel that I am most expressive when I'm dancing West Coast style swing.
On the competitive West Coast Swing circuit, Luís has earned multiple placements in both Jack n' Jills and Strictly Swings, as well as, routine divisions. Most notably are:

3 Time Top Male Pro — Monterey Swingfest
1st Place — U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships 2002 — Strictly Swing
3rd Place — U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships 2009 — Showcase Division
2nd Place — Swing Dance America 2009 – Classic Division
2nd Place — 4th of July Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club Champion of Champions 2011 – Jack n' Jill Division
1st Place - Mountain Magic 2011 - Showtime Cabaret Division

Throughout the years, people have come to recognize Luís’ smooth, crisp, sharp style, which comes from his very diverse background of movement carried from Argentine Tango to his break dancing days in the Bronx. With over 250,000 YouTube views and counting, Luís continues to inspire, teach, and make his mark in the West Coast Swing community, showing all his students and colleagues that “if you’re not dancing, you’re wasting your feet!”

Patty Vo

Patty is one of the most creative and dynamic dancers around and is becoming known for her unique style of dance. She is considered one of the top female West Coast Swing Dancers on the scene. Through her versatility she is able to mesh her unique styles of dance to create a distinctive style of her own.

Based in Northern California, she travels internationally, teaching, competing, performing, coaching, and judging at dance events across the globe.

Her most recent placements at national events are:

1st Place — 2012 Americas Classic
1st Place — 2011 Tampa Bay Classic
1st Place — 2010 Liberty Swing Dance Event
1st Place — 2010 Dallas Dance Event
2nd Place— 2010 Grand Nationals (Showcase Division West Coast Swing)
2nd Place — 2010 Capital Swing National Dance Event (Classic Division)
2nd Place — 2010 ACC Nationals

Barry Jones

Barry Jones has 4 U.S. Open titles, three being from the Showcase Division. Barry has been very instrumental in the development of several dance communities, most notably Tulsa, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Dallas. The mayor of St Louis Missouri bestowed a great honor of declaring April 5, 1996 “Barry Jones Day” for his work in training and working with the youth in swing dancing.

He was honored and inducted into the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2006 at the US Open. He won the Feather Award both as Best Showcase, and Classic Couple also capturing the Best Choreographer Award at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Los Angeles California. He has won every award that possibility could be given and he continues to share his many years’ experience for the growth of West Coast Swing.

He has been well respected and sought out National judge including the US Open for several years. He has recently come out of retirement with now partner, Patty Vo, where they just captured 1st place in the Showcase Division at Liberty Swing, 1st place in Showcase Division at Dallas Dance and 1st place Showcase Division at Tampa Bay Classic.

Not only is he known for his coaching abilities and working with new swing dancers, but also his workshops are always fun and full of knowledge and energy. He brings valuable experience in the west coast and has been instrumental in the development of the dance. His judging and coaching experience brings very important knowledge to dancers both in Jack and Jill’s, and couple divisions.

Barry is also a Event promoter where and partner Johnny Siharath had a successful first year event called the VIP and Westie Awards in Burbank, CA.. also they are in their third year with the successful event called “The Challenge”. He continues to promote the WC Swing dance by putting on workshop weekend in the Texas area.

His experience in all facets of the community is valuable when working any event along with the energy and great attitude he also brings in the ballroom and workshop classes.

Cameo Cross

Cameo is a recent graduate of The University of Arizona with a BFA in Dance. She has just moved to Chicago to further pursue her dance career and is currently apprenticing with River North Chicago Dance Company.

From a very young age, Cameo has been exposed to dance. Her parents, Michael and Amber Cross, are National Swing Champions and are still teaching and choreographing today in Phoenix, Arizona. As a child she traveled the swing circuit with them and soon won her own title of National Junior Swing Champion in 1996.

Currently Cameo is competing All-Star on the national swing circuit and has many Jack and Jill wins. Along with training in west coast swing, Cameo has trained for many years in ballet, pointe, jazz, modern and tap. She spent 10 years studying under the direction of Sharon Meko, Artistic Director of Ballet Etudes in Mesa, AZ.

In February 2009, Cameo had the opportunity of a lifetime to dance the role of Odette in the second act of Swan Lake, which was performed at the University of Arizona.

Along with performing, Cameo is also skilled in choreography and teaching in multiple styles of dance. Most recently she has been a part in choreographing for Wii and Kinect dance video games.

Joshua Sturgeon

Joshua began his life of partner dancing when he walked into a country bar on his 21st birthday. He was instantly hooked and found himself country dancing five nights per week. But soon, that wasn’t enough. He migrated to ballroom where he spent a few years competing and teaching for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boise, Idaho. He then moved back to Seattle where he got heavily involved in salsa. He spent the next two years dancing, teaching, traveling, and performing with the prestigious Salsa Salvaje dance troupe. After dabbling in multiple forms of dancing for 12 years, he decided that WCS would be his home. Why WCS? In his words, “WCS is all about dancing with this partner to this song in this moment. Every dance time you dance WCS, it’s a unique experience.”

In 2010, Joshua decided to get serious about WCS, at which point he won 5 out of his first 6 competitions. Since that time, he has been steadily rising through the WCS ranks. He is now a competitive Allstar dancer and this year he will put his 3rd routine on the floor in the Classic division with his up-and-coming partner, Lindsey Nastos.

Joshua has a reputation for being a very attentive partner on the social floor. He says, “anyone is worthy of my best three minutes.” He is also known for the unique style he brings to the floor. Robert Royston says of him, “He is the perfect combination of what’s new about swing, and then what’s kinda retro-cool about swing... He’s like Usher meets Sinatra.”